artist bio

She knew she needed a change. While the work was fulfilling as an English teacher in New York City, the desire to find an alternative outlet for her creative impulses persisted. She wanted to make something with her hands. On a whim, she picked up a set of chain nose pliers and assembled her first pair of earrings. She was hooked. Rebecca Lockhart's journey into the world of jewelry design had begun.

In late 2013, she established Lockhart Wrks and soon found an audience for her creations at the Brooklyn Flea. Her knowledge furthered through formal training in silversmithing and contemporary jewelry design in Mexico and Italy.

Over the years, Rebecca's work evolved to fuse a refined industrial aesthetic with global sensibilities, taking inspiration from her travels around the world. Whether fashioned from repurposed materials or hand-fabricated using recycled metals, Lockhart Wrks emphasizes quality and sustainability.

Today Rebecca lives and creates in western Massachusetts where she is
constantly inspired by the beauty that surrounds her.


artist statement

My designs are a composite of my observations and experiences; the world I see and feel around me —from Incan to industrial architecture, arch bridges, art deco motifs and weathered facades. I like old things. Age conveys a sense of character and quality that withstands the test of time, like a rich patina on metal or wood.

I am equally inspired by the natural world. Spending time in nature opens up space for creative contemplation. There is a rustic quality present in my work that comes from my love of the outdoors.

With an experimental and sometimes unconventional approach to processes, I strive to produce pieces with a dynamic expressiveness, as original and distinct as the wearers themselves.