Artist Bio

In 2013, Rebecca Lockhart left her job as a high school English teacher in NYC to pursue a passion for jewelry making. She established Lockhart Wrks and soon found an audience for her creations at the Brooklyn Flea. Her knowledge then furthered through formal training in silversmithing and contemporary jewelry design in Mexico and Italy.

Over the years, Rebecca's work has evolved to fuse a refined industrial aesthetic with global sensibilities, taking inspiration from her travels around the world. Whether fashioned from found materials or hand-fabricated using recycled metals, Lockhart Wrks emphasizes quality, sustainability and originality.

Today Rebecca lives and creates in western Massachusetts where she is constantly inspired by the beauty that surrounds her.


Artist Statement

My designs are a composite of my observations and experiences; the world I see and feel around me. I’m influenced by modernist art and architecture and draw inspiration from industrial objects and geometric forms. When these items are altered and joined by various materials and methods, they take on a new identity as wearable art.