Armor Necklace

Armor Necklace

  • hand fabricated in bronze and sterling silver

  • sterling silver chain and handmade clasp

  • one-of-a-kind

  • pendant is approximately 2.25"l x 1.5"w

  • 22.5" length

  • ships in 1-3 business days


Bronze and silver will oxidize over time. Although patina can add character to a piece, it can also be prevented and/or removed. Be sure to take off your jewelry before showering and swimming - and store in a dry place, preferably outside of a steamy bathroom. 

Bronze and silver can be cleaned/shined up with a traditional polish or polishing cloth. A lemon juice and salt scrub is a natural way to remove tarnish. However, my favorite method is to buff with fine steel wool. 


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